BSC in Laboratory Technology

Laboratory Technology
  • Duration: 1 and half year
  • Eligibility: SY Bsc LT
  • Description: TY Bsc LT
  • Mode: Online & Offline available


Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Technology is a crucial field related to the health profession. It is an advanced discipline of science which deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases through various laboratory tests. Based on these tests the doctors provide effective treatment to the patients. Technologists play an important role in maintaining the health of each and every individual of the society.

Career Growth

  • Perform various tests by analyzing body fluids, blood typing, and chemical analysis
  • Prepare specimens and work on machines that automatically perform various tests on the samples
  • Perform the role of collecting information, testing, recording, and reporting the findings of the tests
  • Documentation of investigations
  • Responsible for maintaining the lab equipment
  • Ensure that the results produced by the test conducted using the equipment are accurate
  • Assuming responsibility during epidemics which requires expertise from the part of medical lab professionals to identify the disease as early as possible to prevent the spreading of the disease

Career Prospects

Medical laboratory professionals have unlimited choices of practice settings in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, public health facilities, and commercial laboratories. The employment of clinical laboratory workers is expected to grow as the volume of laboratory tests increases with population growth and the development of new types of tests is taking place. A few of the areas are :

  • Scientific: Work as a laboratory technologist at hospitals, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Public Health laboratories, research & product development
  • Managerial: Supervisor in a laboratory, as a consultant to the laboratory medicine industry, Quality assurance companies, sales & marketing
  • Educational: As a tutor in the laboratory medicine graduate program

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