Certificate course in PhleboCovid Technician

Phlebo Covid Technician
  • Eligibility: 12th Any Stream or SSC & 18 years
  • Mode: Online & Offline available


The world has been shaken by the biggest health crisis of the century. People have never been more worried and aware of their health. The pandemic hit Maharashtra the worst and the state registered the highest number of COVID positive cases in the country. The kind of pressure that this pandemic had put on the health and paramedical industry was beyond belief. The need of the hour was and still is competent PhleboCovid technicians. The opportunities for PhleboCovid technicians shot up at a never-seen-before kind of speed.

SCOPE, living up to its name, and expectation of providing the best course in the paramedical industry, is offering a certificate course in phlebocovid technician to help students that are interested in paramedical courses grasp this huge opportunity that has been laid for them.

The PhleboCovid technicians are responsible for the dual job role of collecting blood specimens and helping in Covid specimen collection. They also look after the task of labelling & transportation of specimen & antigen testing at sites. These technicians are fluent with techniques of Phlebotomy & waste management disposal.

Job Description

  • Covid collection
  • Labeling and transportation
  • Antigen testing with techniques of Phlebotomy
  • Waste management

Career Prospects

At present, the demand for PhleboCovid Technicians is massive and it continues to grow. Students can explore various potential employment opportunities in diagnostic centers, veterinary healthcare centers, medical clinics, nursing homes, and other centers.

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